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This past March I was invited to teach a Bones, Space & Time (Anatomy Workshop) for Brenda Petays painting class in the Visual Arts Department at Camosun College. As is always the case, both myself and the students had a wonderful experience learning to better tune into their bodies to recognize and relieve pain, increase movement, thus freeing themselves creatively.

At the end of the workshop the students experimented with a Jackson Pollack style approach/movement to painting with 4′ canvas on the floor.


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SoundBody Studio offers customized and experiential Anatomy: Flesh, Bones & Space Workshops ideal for members of a variety of different community groups and organizations. Workshops and class offerings are designed to help you identify, understand and put into practice simple ways to release the tension patterns in your body so you can better manage pain and discomfort. 

Workshops vary in length from one hour, half a day or a full day and can be customized and adapted to the unique needs and experiences of your group. They are well suited for visual artists, writers, editors , designers, dance artists, health professionals and caregivers, etc.

Re-acquaint yourself with your body by:
  • Learning how to loosen your muscular tension lines and regain ease, clarity and productivity.
  • Learn ways to destress hips, jaw, neck and back discomforts.
  • Learn to enliven and realign your body before you engage it.

Some examples of Community Workshop offerings provided by SoundBody include:

Professional Development Workshops

  • VoiceWorks for Compassion Burn-Out
  • VoiceWorks for Public Speaking Classes
  • VoiceWorks for Choirs and Singing Ensembles
  • BodyWorks for Massage Therapists
  • BodyWorks for Yoga Instructors

Community Wellness Workshops

  • VoiceWorks for Parkinsons Groups
  • VoiceWorks for Troubled Times
  • Flesh and Bones
  • Vocal Anatomy

Adult Education Workshops

  • Bones, Space and Time (for Camosun College Visual Arts Students)
  • Flesh & Bones: Sensing Anatomy (for Studio Fitness Students)

For more information contact Bisia Belina at 250.384.1133 or email

For more information about SoundBody Studio visit our About page.