VocalAnatomy Workshop April 9/18

Calling all Singers! Discover what a free and connected voice feels like!

In VocalAnatomy workshops you will learn body and voice skills that help you:

  • Stay present to yourself and your voice;
  • Understand and experience the powerful connection between body tension/armouring and its effects on your voice;
  • Become curious about your body and your voice and the way they connect and inform each other.
The cost to attend this VocalAnatomy Workshop is $20 (including tax). 

Pre-registration is required. Contact Bisia to register.VocalAnatomy workshops help singers understand, identify and learn ways to release tension held in the body as a result of repetitive postural patterns. Concepts such as tension lines, drawing the bones and finding space between them are demonstrated and applied, resulting in better quality and tone of voice.

For more information or to register to attend contact me at 250.384.1133 / bisia@shaw.ca.