VocalBody in Action

Covid has forced changes in many aspects of our lives and demanded that we adapt, shift and find new ways to come alive.

From September 2020 to June 2021 I worked with a dedicated core group of students who were part of the research and development of a new VocalBody offering I was exploring the idea of.  This new offering was exploring what was possible to allow for group artistic expression through voice and movement while keeping socially distant and safe from COVID-19. 

Thank you to Thea, Kerri and Tracy for being part of this great exploration during the pandemic. 

And a special thanks to videographer Anna Malkin for capturing our experiments.

The following videos showcase a few fun highlights from our endeavours…

This one (above) is still a work in progress. This is me Bisia experimenting with our base player Vic. Special thanks to Vic Gnaedinger for coming out to play!

This video (above) is super cool, as it showcases a composition we developed from a 360 degree perspective. Click on the image above and it will take you to a Vimeo viewer (works best in a Chrome web browser) which will allow you to click and drag on the video to see what is happening around the room during the composition. (Click on the image and the video will open in Vimeo so you can use the 360 degree feature).

In this video (above) we experimented with movement while wearing head cameras.