May 16, 2017

About SoundBody

What is SoundBody Studio?

Developed by Bisia Belina, SoundBody is the umbrella under which many different creative offerings and opportunities for body, voice and mind are explored.

SoundBody Studio (SoundBody) offers a unique system of health, stress and performance management that fuses voice and movement as a strategy for maintaining physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  

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SoundBody is a stress management system that incorporates three concurrent elements: the body, the voice and movement.

System Principles:

  1. Body-Centered: Your body is your instrument. By becoming more aware of and more connected to your body you improve the quality of your instrument.
  1. Voice-Centered: Engaging your vocal mind. The voice is a powerful tool of personal expression. By expanding the capabilities, strength and experience of voice, you become better connected to yourself.
  1. Movement-Centered: Movement creates the flow of life. By engaging your flesh and bones and space with rhythm and time, you increase opportunities for artistic creation, satisfaction and enhanced wellbeing.

Who benefits from SoundBody Offerings?

It might sound a bit cliché, but virtually everyone has the potential to benefit from SoundBody offerings. Each offering is flexible, adaptable and customized to the needs, interests, experiences and skills of those participating.

People who have experienced and benefited from participation in SoundBody offerings include (but are not limited to):

  • Health care practitioners (social workers, nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists etc.)
  • Holistic health care practitioners (chiropractors, naturopaths, reflexologists etc.)
  • Caregivers (professionals and family-based)
  • Performing artists (actors, singers, musicians, dancers etc.)
  • Visual arts students and professionals
  • Health trainers (Yoga & Pilates teachers, fitness instructors, etc.)
  • Fitness and recreation participants
  • Business professionals
  • Public speakers
  • Choirs and singing ensembles