May 16, 2017



  • VocalAnatomy

VocalAnatomy workshops help singers understand, identify and learn ways to release tension held in the body as a result of repetitive postural patterns. Concepts such as tension lines, drawing the bones and finding space between them are demonstrated and applied, resulting in better quality and tone of voice.


In VocalAnatomy workshops you will learn body and voice skills that help you:

  • Stay present to yourself and your voice
  • Understand and experience the powerful connection between body tension/armouring and its effects on your voice
  • Become curious about your body and your voice and the way they connect and inform each other.


Each VocalAnatomy session explores a set of routines that can become part of your stress management system and training routine.

The elements of a VocalAnatomy routine include:

  1. Sensing Anatomy
  2. Breathing
  3. Body Warm Ups
  4. Vocal Warm Ups


See Schedule for upcoming workshop dates.