Post Election Dispair? Activist Fatigue?

SoundBody Studio COMMUNITY WORKSHOP: Right now is a critical Earth time. There is much that needs our attention. And, now that the US election shock is wearing off, many of us are experiencing fatigue and despair. In this state, we lose breath. The body contracts. We cannot act. Let’s acknowledge that, and then change it. Read more about Post Election Dispair? Activist Fatigue?[…]

Anatomy of a Singer

VocalAnatomy: Anatomy of Singer Workshop – March 9, 2015 The SoundBody offering of the VocalAnatomy workshop in March was well attended by a variety of local singers and focused on understanding, identifying and learning ways to de-stress the tension patterns that we hold in our bodies from repetitive postural patterns. We experienced concepts such as Read more about Anatomy of a Singer[…]

Special Project: From the Heart

Bisia is currently participating in From the Heart: Enter into the Journey of Reconciliation, an innovative community dialogue project inspired by Paulette Regan’s bestselling book, Unsettling the Settler Within. A multi-cultural group of thirty non-Indigenous Canadians between the ages of 18 and 79 are finding common ground working together to create a unique theatre production in Victoria this summer.