SoundBody Studio with Bisia Belina


Fusing together voice & movement as a strategy to maintain physical, emotional & mental wellbeing.

Welcome to SoundBody Studio

SoundBody is a somatic practice that invites you to connect and step into the body (and into yourself). Centre yourself using self-awareness, self-massage, and energetic sensing to foster connection and explore movement, as it relates to physical and emotional tension. SoundBody awareness exercises prompt muscles and bones to realign, the nervous system to reset, and then breathe and energy can flow. This unobstructed energy is the root of expression for all the different SoundBody practices.

“Step into yourself and your body, your movement, then allow your breath to have voice, your voice to have emotion, and your emotion to compose itself through improvisational music.”

Sensing Anatomy: Flesh, Bones & Space. Learn to better sense your anatomy through interactive, hands-on self-care and movement workshops. Relieve the aches and pains that come with engaging your body in repetitive patterns.

Learn more about Sensing Anatomy Pain Management .

VocalBody Arts offerings transform the stresses of daily living into song and the seeds of performance art. Improve your mental health & get creative, all while exploring your sense of self through connection with others and free vocal expression.

Learn more about VocalBody Arts Stress Management.

Through the integration of voice, movement, music and multi-media visuals and effects Bisia Belina has been creating co-operative and independent performance pieces since 1976.

Learn more about Bisia’s future, current and past performance art.


Sensing Anatomy: Sensing the Flesh, Bones and Space of your Anatomy 
An experiential workshop series that focuses on releasing pain and tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, spine and hips. Realign your structure. Rebalance your nervous system. Learn how working on the arms and legs releases tension in those areas.
This class is for the general public, as well as those pursuing continuing ed credits.
What: Sensing Anatomy 
When: Fridays, July 5 & July 19. Saturday, August 17 & Friday, August, 23, 2024 (10:00 am to 11:30 am).
You can register for as many workshops as you like and attend any session that fits your schedule (pre-registration required). 
Cost: $25 per workshop
(Discount Rate: $20 per workshop if you pre-register for 3 or more.)
Location: #202-1600 Bay Street (Victoria BC)
To Register: Pre-registration required. Email to book your spot.
Introduction to SoundBody Improvisational Voice & Moment
 SoundBody is about realigning and centering through self-expression to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 
What: Intro to SoundBody
When: Wednesdays, July 10, July 17 & August 7, 2024 (7:30 pm to 9:00 pm). 
Cost: $25 per workshop
(Discount Rate: $20 per workshop if you pre-register for all 3)
Location: #202-1600 Bay Street (Victoria BC)
To Register: Pre-registration required. Email to book your spot.
Come find your way back to yourself using a fusion of voice and movement and music.
“Step into yourself, your body, your movement and then allow your breath to have voice, your voice to have emotion and your emotion to compose itself with music as the anchoring rhythm.”

Future Workshops

SoundBody Studio custom designs all workshops to the differing needs of those participating. Bisia loves to work with individual organizations and groups to develop a self-care training routine for mental health and well being. Workshops may include short one-time sessions, or longer ongoing weekly sessions. 

Contact Bisia directly at to discuss workshop offerings that would be a fit for your organization or personal needs. 

*Header image photo credit: Gregg Eligh.