June 3, 2013

SoundBody Studio Videos

 VoiceWorks Performance and Testimonials

SoundBody Studio VoiceWorks Class

SoundBody Studio 2014 from Bisia Belina on Vimeo.

In this VoiceWorks class, Bisia teaches a musical skill and a body pattern and
from them a SoundBody piece is created.

All SoundBody pieces are transformative and creative and a whole lot of fun.


Voice & Movement Workshop
Student Improvisational Work 2013

Voice & Movement Workshop Student Improvisational Work 2013

See Bisia Belina on Vimeo.


I Know, I Know, I Know

Improvisational piece created by students during SoundBody Studio VoiceWorks Class with Bisia Belina


Video Credit: Anna Malkin, dovetailmediaworks.com 


Bisia Belina on Soul Spark (Podcast)

Challenge the little box you made for yourself

Bisia Belina on Choices (Victoria Community TV)

Cameron Moffat interviews Bisia Belina and together they explore the powerful offerings of SoundBody Studio.

Igniting our Voice to Movement

Bisia Belina interviewed bu Sara Troy on S.E.L.F. Discovery Radio