April 25, 2013

CD and Past Work

Thirsty Desert CD

Thirsty Desert CD

Out of a Thirsty Desert comes a sound…richly layered vocal harmonies of amazing texture and rhythm creating a moving and evocative soundscape of powerful intensity. Crossing musical and cultural borders, Bisia blends inspired vocal improvisations and percussion to express a freedom with sound that celebrates what one voice can do.

The CD release celebration included “Out of One” a collaborative dance performance at the Belfry Arts Centre in 2001.
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Photography by Gregg Eligh

Tribute to Marlena Dietrich

Starring Bisia as M with Martin Hergt on accordion.

The Superior Cafe’s performances were presented in a cabaret style as befit the location and a theatrical version was presented at the Star Cinema in Sidney, BC as part of their successful fund raising campaign to save the theatre.

“Negotiating Heaven” Video

In June of 2008, Bisia was part of a 10 day film intensive that focused on live art and performative video works.

The Engaged Body workshop was taught by respected educator and performance artist Judith Price. From a 20 minute performance piece Bisia made a short video, “Negotiating Heaven,” (view the video).

Video Credit: Grace Salez

Jackson St. Trio

Bisia and the Jackson St. Trio

The Jackson St. Trio, a triligual gypsy jazz quartet, was another three year project that kept Bisia’s vocals skills well-oiled and tuned.

At the same time, she continued to teach and integrate her knowledge and experience into staff development and conference workshops for a wide range of caregivers.

Raven Shape Shifter Painting


In October of 2003, Bisia produced and performed, with Lynda Raino, Denise Lieutaghi, Natasha Bird, and the Big Dance Troupe in a collaborative vocal performance and art exhibit, called RAVEN/SHAPESHIFTER at the Fran Willis Gallery.

This event was a tribute and benefit for Hospice Victoria – exploring shape shifting as the constant in our lives. The artists whose work was an integral part of the show were: Frances Semple, Miles Lowry (sculptural works) and Karel Doruyter, Ken Flett, Joe Coffey and Charles Malinsky (paintings).