Flesh, Bones & Space of Your Anatomy

Recently I offered a “Flesh Bones & Space” workshop to Brenda Petay’s Camosun College Visual Arts students. This is the third workshop I have presented for Visual Arts Department, and it has been very inspiring to see the immediate benefits students get from learning how to de-stress and relieve tension in their anatomy, as well as the importance of movement to the creative process and the value of easy to implement self-care techniques. 
As a result of this experience, I have felt compelled to create a workshop specifically for photographers, visual artists and fabric artists in the Victoria community. 
What: Flesh, Bones & Space of Your Anatomy
Who: For Photographers, Visual Artists & Fabric Artists
Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm (2 hours)
Where: Lynn Wylie’s Yoga Studio (#202-1600 Bay Street, Victoria)
Cost: $45 (includes GST)
To register: Contact Bisia Belina (SoundBody Studio) at 250.384.1133 or email bisia@shaw.ca

What is Flesh, Bones & Space of Your Anatomy?
This 2-hour workshop is about bringing a level of attentiveness to the artist’s body to help them recognize and relieve pain, increase movement and free themselves creatively.  
Throughout the workshop participants will explore:
  • The level of physical discomfort they bring with them prior to starting the creative process;
  • The type of physical discomfort and pain that they experience when working on their art;
  • The physical tension and holding habits that re-creates pain;
  • How tension in the neck, jaw, shoulders, hands, wrists affects how one draws, paints, works, etc.
Participants will also consider techniques to help them:
  • Stay in a relaxed body while working on their art;
  • Experience space, both within oneself and the space they occupy in the room;
  • Move through that space;
  • Understand how their experience affects their artistic expression. 
This workshop will be presented by Bisia Belina, who brings a wealth of knowledge about the integration of art and anatomy from her experiences as a Registered Massage Therapist (30+ years), as a recording and performance artist (40+ years) and founder of SoundBody Studio & SoundBody Therapy. 

SoundBody Studio offers a wide range of customizable anatomy focused Community Workshops. For more information contact Bisia Belina at 250.384.1133 or email bisia@shaw.ca.