December 28, 2016


SoundBody Studio


SoundBody Studio is currently offering self-massage and Voiceworks classes via video chat, pre-registered classes and workshops. 

VoiceWorks – Singing Through the COVID Wave

VoiceWorks classes are starting up Wed. Sept 9th, 2020 (7:30-9 pm.)

  • Classes are now pre-registered only
  • Attendance is limited to 6 singers
  • Masks are mandatory (we will be using singers masks)
  • Fee is now $20 per session.

If you are interested in signing up please do so by emailing Bisia the Tuesday prior to the class.

Email: for more information or to register.


Sensing Anatomy: Flesh, Bones and Space

These sessions will help you address and find solutions to your daily pain patterns. These online sessions are a perfect self-care solution for those who are unable to seek treatment in person. 

Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes in length (via Zoom) and are either one-on-one, or for couples to do together, so that you can experience receiving touch and giving touch and at the same time learn tricks of the trade.

Fees (includes GST)

  •  60 minute session: $75 for individual or $85 for couples (tax receipts unavailable)
  •  90 minute session  $90 for individual or $105 for couples (tax receipts unavailable)

To register contact Bisia at 250-384-1133 or

VoiceWorks with Bisia ONLINE!

It’s fun! It’s vocal improvisation and empowerment: claim your voice, learn to improvise, make up your own music, and did I mention fun? And it’s good for what ails you. It’s a great way to sing out despair, frustration, etc, and transform it through rhythm and time. All welcome.

Fees (includes GST): $40 for 60 mins
Sessions longer than 60 minutes are charged at a rate of $10 per 15 minute increment (introductory rate, subject to change).

Format: Depending on your access and comfort level with virtual technology we can use FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp or HouseParty for our session. 

Time Slots Available:  11 am, 4 pm, or 7:30 pm

Progression: We will start the process with 2 or 3 one-on-one personal online vocal coaching sessions. From there we will transition to working together in “vocal online pods,” with 3 to 4 singers to a pod. 

These are collaborative composition sessions. (Recording device recommended). 

Here are examples of the explorations that are offered in the one-on-one sessions:

  • What if you began with acknowledging what you feel and sang it in the blues style?
  • What if you changed the tune to a gospel, a spiritual, a rap, a scat?
  • What if you took your ‘present emotional content’ and put it in time?
  • How would that change you? How would your feelings change?

 To register contact Bisia at 250-384-1133 or

SoundBody Therapy 2-Day Workshop 

(Continuing Education credits for Registered Massage Therapists)
**Method of course delivery is pending as we ensure all COVID safety measures are taken and may include online components**

Date: Sat Sept 25 – Sun Sept 27, 2020
> Directed Studies Material sent out on Sunday September 20. 2020
> Online Training : Friday  September 25 (6-8 pm)  
> Live Training:  Saturday  & Sunday September  26 & 27  (9-3 pm daily)

Location: 4 Corners Community Collective (1508 Haultain St, Victoria, BC)

Cost: (All prices include GST)
Regular = $460 (Payment deadline Sept 15, 2020)
Repeat Students = $425 (Payment deadline Sept 15, 2020. Repeat students are eligible for full course credits)

Payment options:
Remit E-transfers to:
Remit cheques to: Bisia Belina 3180 Jackson St Victoria BC V8X 1E3

Cancelation policy:
Course registration may be canceled in writing prior to September 15, 2020. All payments made will be reimbursed, minus a $75 administration fee.
No refund for Cancelations after Sept 15, 2020 (except for COVID related safety issues).

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this 2-day course the therapist will be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Identify and work with four diverse whole body-mapping systems.
  • Work with less effort to achieve a positive result with less resistance from the patient.
  • Improve assessment time.
  • Re-integrate an injured part back into the whole
  • Re-integrate all parts of the body into the whole.
  • Identify and work therapeutically with the 3 dimensional body.
  • Affect alignment, balance, weight distribution and increase breath capacity.
  • Stay curious as they work and engage their patient’s ability to sense changes as they take place.
  • Apply techniques for therapist self care and to teach patients for home care.
  • Release holding patterns in the body using very gentle and effective techniques.

To register contact Bisia at 250-384-1133 or