Anatomy of a Singer

VocalAnatomy: Anatomy of Singer Workshop – March 9, 2015

VocalAnatomyThe SoundBody offering of the VocalAnatomy workshop in March was well attended by a variety of local singers and focused on understanding, identifying and learning ways to de-stress the tension patterns that we hold in our bodies from repetitive postural patterns.

We experienced concepts such as “tension lines,” “drawing the bones” and “finding space between bones.”

Relief and increasing breath capacity were found by visualizations using the sphere.

Throughout the workshop participants came to better understand how our bodies are containers, and that by becoming more self aware our bodies can be allowed to move more freely.

Sound rides the breath and when the belly bowl is allowed to move (in all its dimensions) then sound leaves with ease, with support and confidence.

We talked about our voices as having access to different characters, singing in different ranges, emotions and styles.

Participants came into the workshop with body pain, tension and restricted breath. They left pain free, more curious, relaxed and able to take in air and allow sound to find it’s richness.

The workshop was an overall success and I thank everyone that joined us and followed the experience through to the end. For those of you that have yet to attend a VocalAnatomy Workshop I invite you to do so in the future. Each workshop provides a unique hands-on experience focused on helping you better understand the intimate connection between body tension and vocal production.

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