May 16, 2017

VocalBody Arts


  • VocalBody Arts Intensive Series
  • SoundBody for Dancers / Yoga Teachers / Musicians (etc.)

The VocalBody Arts Intensive series merges sound, movement, body and soul into unique improvisational musical compositions.


Students are encouraged to awaken their muse, re-kindle their enthusiasm and refresh their human spirit though the improvisational co-creation of in the moment, movement driven musical collaborations. Each workshop is modified to the unique needs, experiences and skill levels of those participating. Training in voice, body, and movement awareness is provided throughout. Together we tune up, tune in, and compose with breath, rhythm, time melody, harmony and movement.


In VocalBody classes you will learn vocal and movement skills that help you:

  • Become familiar with your body’s movement patterns
  • Integrate movement into your singing practice
  • Integrate voice into your movement practice
  • Transform daily life experiences into expressive arts


See Schedule for upcoming workshop dates.