SoundBody Vocal Mind

A VocalBody Workshop for Dancers merging sound, movement, body and soul into unique improvisational compositions. “It’s about adding voice to movement that comes to you and allowing your voice and movement to fill the space.” 2 Classes offered November 17 & 24, 2019 from 3:00 to 4:30 pm. Sessions are broken down into vocal and Read more about SoundBody Vocal Mind[…]

Composing Water VocalBody Class at Flux

This video art installation at the Flux Media Gallery has provided an incredible space to create new VocalBody compositions that are out of the box. Thank you to Medianet staff, GreenLight project and Anna Malkin, videographer for this wonderful experience.   Here are some pics from opening night, one of the viewing evenings and the Read more about Composing Water VocalBody Class at Flux[…]

Inside Nous Sommes

Anna and Bisia from MediaNet on Vimeo. Bisia Belina and Anna Malkin discuss how the Nous Sommes: A meditation on water video installation exploring the importance of water came into being.

Nous Sommes: A contemplative, interactive meditation on water

NEWS RELEASE: FLUX Media Gallery presents Nous Sommes– a video art Installation by Bisia Belina and Anna Malkin. This installation emanates from two earlier performance pieces, Toi Moi and Water, that were created for a larger performative evening, Sound is a Wave (2017). The pieces radiate from experimental, improvisational, vocal sound works made up of multilingual translations.  Read more about Nous Sommes: A contemplative, interactive meditation on water[…]