April 3, 2013

Meet Bisia

Bisia Belina



Bisia Belina, B.A., R.M.T.
Founder SoundBody Studio
 “What you learn through  music becomes transferable into your daily life—giving voice, speaking up, moving fluidly through time and communicating effectively with others.”



Registered Massage Therapist

Bisia has been in private practice as a registered massage therapist since 1986. She practices healing modalities that are within the scope the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC). Treatments focus on regaining alignment by working with the whole body view.


Clients can book Bisia for individual massage therapy sessions and group self care workshops. Bisia  offers professional development training in SoundBody Therapy, as well as a variety of different Wellness and Self-care Workshops (i.e. Compassion Bur-out for Caregivers, Flesh & Bones: Sensing Anatomy).

Principal Teacher and founder of SoundBody Studio 

SoundBody Studio was developed and founded by Bisia. Through her own experience as a performer and massage therapist, Bisia came to understand the wonderful power of integrating massage, music, voice and performance. From this understanding, she created a unique toolkit for enhancing self-care. Bisia created SoundBody Studio to help others enrich their quality of life, explore the edges of their comfort zones, and engage their passion for life. Bisia also provides Teacher Training and professional development VocalWorks and VocalBody Arts.

Move. Breathe. Sing.

Recording and Performance Artist 

Bisia’s first passion is music and performance art. Since 1976 Bisia has been actively involved in the local community performing in and producing a wide range of multi-media music-centered events. In 1998 she performed a one-woman show at the Victoria Fringe Festival and in 2001 she released her own CD. Bisia has also participated in and led numerous a cappella groups and has presented many other independent performances.