May 16, 2017

Teacher Training Program

The SoundBody Teacher Training Program is designed to move individuals that already have some experience and interest in SoundBody techniques and methodology from being merely participants in such workshops, courses and offerings, to be
coming active teachers and facilitators of their own offerings.


Teacher training involves

  • Learning the fundamental components of SoundBody methodology;
  • Personal development of relevant body, voice and movement centered skills;
  • Establishing a solid foundation in VoiceWorks skills and principles;
  • Passing these skills on to others; and
  • Making the gift of self-expression accessible and enjoyable

The SoundBody Teacher Training Program is a fluid and adaptable program. Training can be organized in a very structured and linear development program, or it can be adjusted and modified to meet the skills, needs, abilities and interests of each student. When you commit to the process of becoming a SoundBody teacher, we design and develop a training format that gives you a great deal of support and many opportunities to practice your skills, build your confidence and customize your experience.


SoundBody Teacher Training Program is an ideal continuing education training opportunity for people that feel strongly connected to the SoundBody Methodology and who wish to share this methodology with others. This program is for students that are interested in merging creative and stress management components into their fields of focus.


This training program is an excellent fit for healthcare providers, musicians, singers, dancers, physical health trainers, healing arts practitioners and movement specialists that see SoundBody methodology as a natural progression for developing their own work and vision.


Overall the SoundBody Teacher Training Program is a 5-year program. At the end of the program, each student will have become a certified SoundBody teacher who can lead SoundBody offerings.


Contact SoundBody Studio for more information about the Teacher Training Program.