April 5, 2013

SoundBody Studio Offerings


You are the instrument!

At SoundBody Studio we believe that your body and all its components make up an “instrument” that needs regular tuning. Our approach to expressive movement arts and body awareness offers an opportunity to:

  • Get back to your centre (Re-charge)
  • Develop a creative personal practice (Play)
  • Explore artistic development and expression (Create)
  • Incorporate a professional stress management system (Transform)

Schedule of Classes/Workshops

SoundBody course offerings are delivered along four streams:

  1. BodyWorks  – Developing survival skills for over stressed bodies. Course offerings include: Flesh & Bones: Sensing Anatomy
  1. VoiceWorks – Developing your voice to tune in, tune up and compose yourself. Course offerings include: VoiceWorks, Sing In the Flow, V.I.B.E., Hot Recipes for Cool Improv, Movement & Voice Exploration
  1. VocalAnatomy – Discover what a free and connected voice feels like. Explore the flesh and bones of your singing anatomy. Course offerings include: VocalAnatomy.
  1. VocalBody Arts  – Integrating and transferring experiences from daily life into movement-driven musical compositions. Course offerings include: VocalBody Arts Intensives.

Additional comprehensive offerings in Professional Stress Management, Community Workshops and Teacher Training & Mentoring are also available.

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