May 16, 2017

Classes and Workshops

SoundBody Studio offers a unique system of health, performance and stress management that fuses together voice and movement, as a strategy for maintaining physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The concept of SoundBody has evolved over the past two decades and was founded by registered massage therapist and musical recording and performing artist Bisia Belina. Bisia recognized a need for creative, whole body-centred therapies and expressive vocal training opportunities. She integrated her combination of unique skills and interests to create a system of personal development opportunities that are experiential, engaging, creative and fun.

Participation in SoundBody classes and workshops is challenging and most importantly fun! We offer tools to recalibrate, reset and realign your nervous system, your body and your mind. We teach you how to loosen your “rigging lines” of tension and to find space, breath and ease within your body and soul. We help students to balance their body, find their voice and increase their confidence. We encourage students to explore themselves with curiosity and without judgement.

SoundBody is the umbrella under which many different creative offerings and opportunities for body, voice and mind development are explored. Each offering is flexible, adaptable and customized to the needs, interests, experiences and skills of those participating. 

Voice and Movement classes with Bisia Belina

Community Workshops with Bisia Belina in Victoria, BC

SoundBody Teacher Training Program

Voice and Movement

Transform the stresses of daily living into song and the seeds of performance art with Bisia’s Voiceworks Classes

Professional and Community Workshops

Custom workshops for groups to engage and inspire well-being, creativing and teach self-care

Teacher Training

Become a certified SoundBody teacher who can lead SoundBody offerings.